Ariel Research Center for Defense and Communications – ARCDC

The center researches information warfare that is directed against Israel, including psychological warfare, deception, and the media and cybernetic fields.

The Center’s goal is to encourage the Zionist and national spirit in general, and particularly within the academia. For that purpose, it has established a publishing company that publishes manuscripts on topics connected with the history of the Jewish People/Israel in the modern era: the military, social aspects, communications, international relations etc. So far a number of titles have appeared, and there are more on the way.

In addition to the publishing efforts, the Center supports and promotes students who are working towards advanced degrees and who are focusing their research on topics connected with examining the history of the Zionist endeavor.

As part of the Center’s activities, for a number of years now the Center has been announcing the Moldovan Award for original military literature, named after two Holocaust survivors who tied their fate to that of the State of Israel. Dozens of books from the best publishing companies in Israel have been submitted to this competition.

The Center initiates and conducts conferences and one-day seminars on current affairs that are part of the public agenda

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